How was the beginning of your artistic life?                                                                      I started acting when i was 12 years old,it was by accident because my friends father was the tv producer.He told me to go for casting and my first project was kfc tv commercial in 1996 and after that i did more tv commercials until i was 18 years old.At first i did it for money but later i realized that i have passion in acting.                                                                                                       What are your artistic expressions?    

   I love acting because i can be other people without going throught the hardship.For example,my latest project..i become a commando in a movie and i only did only 20 percent of the training just to understand about being a commando..imagine if i did 100 percent of the training,i dont think i would survive or completed ,   

  There are no obstacles that you encountered in your artistic life? 

  A lot obstacles to be in artistic field..always not enough of eveything like money and another one is to get recognition..its not easy to impress audience with our work..for me i always need to prove that im good ..theres is a saying “Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard” 

                                                                                                                                  What is the positive side when you enter the field of art?

               The positive side,when ur hard work becomes fruitful..the audience recognise ur work..ur connecting with the audience ur enery to them..its the best     feeling about being an artist. 

 What is the downside when entering the field of art? 

  The downside is always the critics..but u have to be strong and always improve to be good..besides,u cannot please everyone in this world.

  How was your experience in the movie?

 It was the hardest and also the best experience in my career..its not easy to do a heavy action military movie..i needed to be fit physically and mentally in order to make sure i can carry my character..before the shoot,ive prepared myself 3 months before to train in the gym for 2 hours daily and only eat diet food such as chicken breast with a bit of salt,brown rice and broccoli..for acting watch a lot of action war movies to get the feel and create my own character..for example,behind enemy lines,act of valor,saving private ryan. 

        What are your future artworks? 

      For now ,i just want finish the movie promotion tour and interviews first then ill decide..and i will sure to let everyone know once i have my next movie